Creating new approaches for business and community organizations to propel their products & services.
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WorldWide BBMC is a limited liability company whose purpose is to invest in unresolved business and educational issues while working to enhance young adolescent lives across the world. We believe in going beyond the boundaries set forth in institutions of learning. All companies and community organizations have the opportunity to achieve greatness and consumers are naturally drawn to companies that are reliable and trustworthy. We challenge students and companies to think outside the box, increasing academic success rates, creating better business opportunities and profit margins. Additionally, we work to increase communications between diverse communities by linking business owners to each other. We want to achieve strength in numbers pertaining to global, financial and economic stability.

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Our company also helps cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurs with programs that expose students to economic opportunities. We also help international students become more acclimated through enrichment activities.

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When you invest in us, you invest in the community as a whole. We are accepting donations for our investments, our projects, our community affairs, and much more. If you are willing to volunteer, your help is greatly appreciated.

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WorldWide BBMC is a Strategic Marketing & Analysis Company investing in business & community affairs worldwide. We partner with companies to create connections with community, business and education. BBMC is engaged in the business of investing in people, property, and test piloting business opportunities to develop solutions for unresolved social and economic issues. We expose companies to new market opportunities and new business experiences.

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Creating new approaches for business and community organizations to propel their products & services.

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